Combs to not seek re-election

This is big. The Texas Tribune reports that Susan Combs, the strong willed Comptroller long rumored to be eyeing the Lieutenant Governor’s office, will not seek that office nor any other. She is, according to the Tribune, “retiring from public office at the end of her term in 2015.”

Combs may have been the best of a bad bunch seeking the position that may very well have the most power in the State. I remember her highlighted profile in The New York Times, and remember remarking something along the lines of thinking it would be a shame if the Comptroller sold out her principles and then didn’t even seek this high office after all. Well, that’s what ended up happening.

The Tribune article then looks to talk about the possible candidates for Combs’ position. Debra Medina, Senator Glenn Hegar (R-Waller County), Representative Harvey Hilderbran (R-Kerr County) and former Representative Raul Torres (R-Nueces County) were all mentioned as possible candidates.

The Chron, in their coverage of this event, included confirmation that Senator Hegar would run for the Comptroller’s position. “I plan to run for Comptroller. It’s an opportunity to talk about the Texas economy and business climate,” Hegar said.

This means, out of the six Statewide offices, at least three (Land Commissioner, Agriculture Commissioner and Comptroller) are open seats. A fourth, Lieutenant Governor, is extremely competitive even though the incumbent is running. The remaining offices are Governor and Attorney General, which means if Abbott challenges Perry, one of those offices becomes competitive and the other becomes open. 2014 will be a hell of a year for statewide elections. Unfortunately, not a single sorry bloke in the Democratic Party, save the Kinkster, has publicly commented about intentions to seek high office next year in the affirmative.

Like I said when Battleground Texas first became a big thing, the Democrats aren’t going to come even close to flipping this State until we start getting some Democrats to sign up for the [expletive deleted] ballot.

Brains & Eggs has more.

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