An early preview for Attorney General

The Dallas Morning News has been discussing even more possible 2014 candidates nowadays, including those possibly vying for the top law job. Even though the references were brief and in passing, the Morning News reported Rep. Stefani Carter (R-Dallas) and Rep. Dan Branch (R-Dallas) were both interested in running for Attorney General.

Carter, of course, first rose to prominence in 2010 when she became the first African-American woman elected as a Republican to the legislature. Branch is also well known, as the Chairman of the Education Committee.

The other possible candidate for Attorney General would be Susan Reed, the hard-hitting Bexar County DA (also a Republican). Though that was based on one story by the Express-News, and (to my knowledge) no one else really ever picked up the story.

All of these candidates are making the assumption that Greg Abbott will not be running for re-election. Unlike Perry, he isn’t an especially controversial figure within the State GOP. But the fact that the candidates assumed this is not surprising in the least. What is surprising is that the Morning News stated that Abbott “is presumably running for governor.”

That is probably the biggest news of the article. Though, to be fair, this is a blog post under TrailBlazers and not an article that will go into print. Democrats still decline to touch this office, or any other Statewide, with a ten-foot pole.

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