Pay hikes for City Council

The Chronicle reports that, for Bagby Street officials, salaries will soon be going up. Under current laws and ordinances, the salaries of the Mayor, City Controller and City Councilmembers is directly pegged to that of District Judges in Texas. Specifically, the Mayor makes 150% of the Judge’s salary, the Controller makes 100% and the City Council makes 40%.

The Mayor’s salary will increase to $232,500 from her current salary of $210,000. Meanwhile, the City Controller, Ronald Green, will see  pay hike to $155,000, from $140,000. Finally, the City Council will see a similar 11% raise to $62,000 from $56,000.

The usual suspects in the whole Government-Is-Satan cartel (e.g., Orlando Sanchez), of course, find such an action to be utterly repugnant. This stems from the quintessential conservative belief that politics and public service is an exclusive club for only the independently wealthy. But I digress.

When asked to comment on the matter, according to the Chronicle article, Mayor Annise Parker simply stated “We don’t vote on our salaries. We have nothing to do with thatWe don’t vote on our salaries. We have nothing to do with that.”


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