Dupuy denies murder plot

In one of the more bizarre news stories of the year, Judge Christopher Dupuy, the Galveston County Court at Law jurist who is certifiably a lunatic, has responded to one aspect of the many charges against him. Specifically, that he threatened and plotted to murder his ex-wife and abduct their children overseas.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Dupuy, when asked in court if he had plotted to murder his ex-wife, responded with an emphatic “No.” The woman who first brought these allegations against Dupuy is named Tara Compton, and she is a subsequent ex-girlfriend of Dupuy’s. The Chronicle discusses her invoking 5th amendment rights after being inconsistent in her testimony, but a KRIV story on the same issue alleges this was done out of fear for the woman’s life. The full story also involves the Judge allegedly mailing a picture of his handgun –complete with a silencer– to his ex-wife.

I have written extensively upon this topic here, and will post more updates as they come.

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