Education bill possibly in jeopardy

The El Paso Times  reports that, when it comes to HB5, the [in]famous bill pertaining to graduation requirement reforms and standardized testing reductions, the Governor may end up  vetoing–and effectively killing–the bill which passed both houses of the legislature unanimously

Quorum Report has reported that there is “growing conviction that Governor Perry is likely to veto HB5.” Such a veto would likely to be seen as a potentially politically-devastating move for Perry, as the bill is highly touted by nearly all large interest groups in the State. Even the business interests, which, along with many Democrats, were originally detractors, now approve of the legislation. Again, not a single one of the 181 State Legislators voted against the bill.

Perhaps the Governor is in the pocket of the testing lobby. But that’s just a theory. There will be more to be said if he actually vetoes it.

One thought on “Education bill possibly in jeopardy

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