Special Session adds transportation

The Texas Tribune reports that the Governor has made the executive decision to add “funding of transportation infrastructure projects” to the call of the special session.

While most members of the Senate remained open about what forms that funding could take, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst did not miss the chance to infuse politics into the mix. Dewhurst discussed the need for the legislature to “identify a reliable revenue stream without raising taxes…” The Tribune reports that the Governor himself is a proponent of bonds. No telling if that is satisfactory for the President of the Senate’s newly-found ultra-conservative position.

For my part, Transportation funding is not an especially vivacious or controversial issue, so this news would regularly not be very high on my priorities. However, it sets an important precedent: Perry is willing to expand the call of the special session. Of course, being willing to expand for a mundane issue like this is a far cry from a 2nd Amendment-themed expansion, but the principle is the same. Somewhere, somehow, Perry changed his mind about what was necessary since May 27th.

I find there to be a fascinating juxtaposition, however, between Perry and Dewhurst’s reactions to this event. Perry approached the situation like a tired, old statesman (Yes, I know calling Gov’nah Goodhair a “statesman” will come back to haunt me), just wanting to do his duty to the State and the taxpayers. Dewhurst, meanwhile, looked at it like an overzealous kid looking for talking points. You can tell that the Lieutenant Governor is gearing up for a heavy primary. From Perry, though, there is no such indication.

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