Forcing out Lehmberg

The Austin American-Statesman reports that the Governor, in reviewing many ordinary funding bills, is threatening a line-item veto of the Public Integrity Unit within the Travis County DA’s office unless the current DA, Rosemary Lehmberg, resigns. Lehmberg, of course, is the hard-hitting Democrat who came under fire earlier this year for driving drunk. While many Democrats and Republicans pressured for her to quit, it was to no avail.

Democrats do not want her to resign because it will mean the Governor himself appoints the replacement until the 2014 election. Lehmberg, for her part, plead guilty and went to jail for thirty days. The case is over now.

The Texas Tribune  expands on the story, discussing all that the Public Integrity Unit does. Essentially, it is the body that investigates government corruption. It was the famous body that went after Tom DeLay first.

Count me among the Democrats not wanting Lehmberg out. It would be a travesty to allow Rick Perry to appoint a Travis County DA. I suppose that the county could take up the slack if funding is cut, and incur a little debt in the process. Lehmberg is a criminal, and to an extent, I agree with the Governor that it makes her unfit for public office, but the DWI alone does not give us grounds to remove her from office. John B. Holmes was a crazy bent on killing people, certainly making him unfit for public office. But he held one for a very long time anyways.

2 thoughts on “Forcing out Lehmberg

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