Dupuy gets arrested…again

Christopher Dupuy, the Galveston judge who is [expletive deleted] nuts, is back in the news. According to this morning’s Houston Chronicle, the jurist was arrested yet again. Dupuy’s second indictment and arrest was a result of alleged abuse of official capacity. This occurred because Dupuy allegedly gave legal advice to an ex-girlfriend. The practice of law by a sitting judge is deemed an abuse of office.

Perhaps more humorous is that the Galveston County DA, when hearing of this morass, stated “Not only was he helping her out [illegally], but he gave her horrible legal advice that got her in trouble.” Dupuy’s advice was to simply ignore an order from the court on child support. The District Attorney is not prosecuting any of the claims against Dupuy, as there is a conflict of interest. Rather, the Attorney General’s office will be dealing with these matters.

Dupuy has done some strange things in the past, including threatening to murder his ex-wife and abduct their children. In fact, this woman the current controversy revolves around, Tara Compton, is the woman he allegedly confided in about his future murder plot. This woman isn’t all there, either, it seems.

For what it is worth, no one seems to be talking about what happens in the event of Dupuy’s removal. I called the Galveston County Clerk and found out that the removal hearing has been pushed back about a week. In the event of Dupuy’s removal, it would be the Galveston County Commissioner’s Court, not the Governor, who would appoint a replacement. This has caused some confusion, as just about everyone in the State is familiar that the Governor would appoint a new District Attorney. Let me explain.

All 254 counties in the State have their own county officers. This includes a County Judge, 4 Commissioners, a Clerk, a Sheriff, a Tax Assessor, an Attorney and a Treasurer. Additionally, they include at least ONE (1) County Court at Law. Sometimes, multiple positions are consolidated together. Then, there are Districts. Districts could overlap with many counties or just one county. Sometimes, there are multiple districts in just one county. Accordingly, each district has a Judge, a Clerk and an Attorney. Since the districts at least ostensibly represent larger areas than just a county, someone above the County level needed to fill vacancies. Hence, the Governor.

Lehmberg is the District Attorney, even though her district only includes Travis County. Dupuy, meanwhile, is a Judge for the County, not a District in Galveston County.

2 thoughts on “Dupuy gets arrested…again

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  2. This judge was hatrassing me with my ex husband and hes lawyer.they make my divoce without me I dont even signed because they never tol me. Then then I had alot accident sending black peoples to pushing me to signd the. Paper to sell my house.I didnt want.but my ex lawyer and this judge was calling every then minut o sing the paper. Yhen broken the door my stuff twice the open the gas at might night yrying to kill to me and to my son. the police somd time csme to. Watch us.any way they sold my house,my ex ge said its not about the child,he doenst care about him only the importante for him is to sell de propetty.even i said i dont ean to sell.because I need to move thete with my chold.them,also he my xar,I got amother and tjey were broken it my tiers every single day.wher we use to fo something was haopened tu us ..webte to domestic violence they tolme to call the police bad they nevet helped me because the judge Christpher.then I got anther layer because I fired up first one he was friend of them he wasnt helpingme he. Only stoled my money,bud the other pne was a lady she was afraid to the judge. And the lawyer because they are mean. My case. Need to reopen again because they make alot errors .

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