More on Redistricting

Two big things to get to:

First, yesterday the House Select Redistricting Committee held their hearing in Houston. Like the Senate hearing, I attended and testified (no need for a video, I said the same thing). Unfortunately, I was not able to stay very far into the hearing, so I cannot say with certainty that most of the attendees were in opposition to the legislation, but most of the fraction I heard most definitely were in opposition.  Greg’s Opinion live-blogged the entire hearing, if you want the full spiel on the matter.

Second, it turns out that the Senate Select Redistricting Committee’s hearing meant less than nothing to those people, as the panel rubber-stamped the court-drawn maps along ideological lines. The Houston Chronicle reports that everything fell under 8-6, straight partisan votes. Word around the newssources is that the full Senate will vote on the maps tomorrow.

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