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Because comparing Rick Perry to Porky the Pig is just too tempting not to do. The Texas Tribune reports this evening that the Governor has announced that no other legislation will be added to the call of the Special Session.

While the 83rd Special was limited, at first, to only redistricting, Perry later added transportation (highway) funding, abortion restrictions and a bill that would provide penalties for juvenile capital murderers. Among the issues that right-wingers like David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick were pushing for to still be added were Gun legislation and School vouchers. These issues appear to be dead. Guns on Campus is dead until at least 2015. Good.

This provides a mixed outlook for Perry’s future. He did not go full adding-nonessential-garbage-to-the-call, but he did a little bit with the abortion issue. What we have is the same situation we had before the Special Session. If he would not have added the abortion stuff, it would seem more like he isn’t running, whereas if he had added everything, it would look like he is definitely running. So it still looks like a tossup.

In other news, Perry signed the “Merry Christmas Bill” today. I went out of my way not to write about this stupid legislation, but I feel a little bit obligated to do so now. As a Tribune article reports, the article goes a little bit further than just being able to say “Happy Xmas” without being sued. The bill specifically condones the use of Christmas Trees, Menorahs or Nativity scenes in public schools. That is where I find there to be a serious problem. A smell a lawsuit, and I will be one of those cliched Jews that helps the ACLU do so.

It is just like the Republican Party to use an extreme example to fire people up, and then use it to attain an equally extreme goal. “Bait-and-switch,” as it is styled. The GOP gets people riled up about late-term abortions, and uses the anger to attempt to ban the morning-after pill. Similarly, the bill that is ostensibly all about the right to say “Merry Christmas” is used to put up super religious symbols in government-run buildings.

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