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For some reason, Dr Hall’s campaign still doesn’t recognize our legitimacy. The HPFFA (Houston Professional Firefighters’ Association) has endorsed Ben Hall in a recent announcement. Although fake Ben Hall had broken the news on Friday, the official announcement did not come out until today. From a press release (THAT WE DID NOT GET):

“The women and men of the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association voted to support Ben Hall in the upcoming mayoral election. We believe Mr. Hall will better balance the needs of public and firefighter safety with fiscal responsibility. Mr. Hall believes in fair play and has the better vision to lead Houston into the future.

“The time has come to end Annise Parker’s three-year campaign against Houston firefighters. Aware of our top rating among city departments, we work hard to maintain the citizens’ trust, but the mayor’s antagonistic management style wastes city resources, damages our nationally recognized fire department’s reputation locally, and threatens to undermine the long-term financial security of firefighter families.

“Houston deserves a mayor who appreciates that Houston firefighters strive to deliver excellent service, be good stewards of city resources, and give back to the community. Ben Hall will be that mayor.”

Looks like the Firefighters still bear a lot of resentment for Parker firing Phil Boriskie all those years ago. As many people have previously noted, the Firefighters’ Union does not have a lot of sway in elections. They endorsed Fernando “14 percent” Herrera in 2011. This really is not, however, the “game changer” Hall had announced it to be. This was a given.

What probably was a little more interesting was that Bob Ryan, a prominent local attorney, was featured on Hall’s Facebook was an endorser. Immediately, and embarrassingly, Ryan called the Hall campaign out. “Unfortunately, this photo is incorrect. I am not endorsing Ben Hall for Mayor,” Ryan stated. Oops. Possibly worse, Hall did not immediately change his page. Brains and Eggs has the full story on the Ben Hall drama.

In the other side’s news, Annise Parker has gotten some recent endorsements of her own. She was endorsed by the Building Owners and Management Association, as well as the Lesbian PAC. Unlike her opponent, Parker’s campaign emailed me the press releases. Score for Annise! One high profile conservative group and one liberal group. In an interesting twist, Mayor Parker has also been advertising her strong opposition to SB5 and all that anti-abortion mumbo jumbo. Like I have been saying, Parker has taken off the gloves–she is unapologeticly liberal. We’ll see how it goes.

7 thoughts on “Hall endorsed by Firefighters’ Union

  1. Out of curiousity, do you know, Texpatriate, which address Ben Hall placed on his Filing Form to run for Mayor of Houston?

  2. Trying to get an idea whether or not Ben Hall is eligible to run for Mayor.

    • I understand what you are saying, and I’m pretty sure he did out Houston, but not positive. We’re pretty much only following the filibuster today.

      • Yeah he lived in the City of Piney Point Village. Piney Point Village is not annexed into the City of Houston, excluding citizens from Piney Point Village being eligible to vote, or run for elected office, within the City of Houston. I’m following the filibuster today too. But, I’m also following the Mayoral race. According to records, he and his wife sold that place and moved into the City of Houston, but I want to know for sure if he is eligible.

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