Abbott tries to break the law

A couple days ago, I talked about the Supreme Court’s awful decision in Shelby County v. Holder, specifically how it would pertain to our State. Attorney General Greg Abbott immediately pounced upon the news to announce that the Voter ID Supression Act would go into effect immediately. Except, you really can not do that.

The Houston Chronicle reports that, upon reflecting with a Constitutional Expert and SCOTUS Blog reporter, the expert stated that Abbott’s unilateral move was “one of the dumbest statements I’ve heard from an attorney general in a long time,” as well as calling him “legally ignorant,” a heavy handed attack for the CHIEF LAWYER in the state.

As the expert explained, preclearence had caused a judgment against the State of Texas and enjoined enforcement of the bill. A Federal District Court must dismiss this judgment before any action is taken. Today, the Houston Chronicle revisited the subject to explicitly state that the Supreme Court ordered the case of Texas’ Voter ID remanded to the District Court. Further, this remand was not with any instructions. There are a lot of things blocking the Voter ID Act besides Section 4. Accordingly, it is not a forgone conclusion that the law should be put into effect just yet.

Off the Kuff has more.

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