Stay or Go?

Sorry for being a little bit late on this, but this is still really big news. As expected, Governor Perry called a second special session. The session begins on July 1st. It will be confined, for now, to the issues that did not pass the 1st Special Session (Transportation, Juvenile Criminal Justice and Abortion).

The Texas Tribune has the whole story on this. There is a lot up in the air about how all this is going to go. First, the 2/3 rule in the Senate may be back in play. As Texas Monthly explains, Dewhurst has only scrapped the coveted rule for redistricting sessions. Seeing as that redistricting is no longer on the table, it might be a harder sell. I still think it will be scrapped, Tuesday night taught as that Dew and his boys have absolutely no respect for the rules and decorum of the Senate.

The real topic, and the one to which the video is based off of, is how the Democrats, specifically the Senate Democrats, will deal with a bill much like SB5 being introduced in this upcoming session. I, for one, have always been a proponent of the “get-your-keister-over-to-New-Mexico-asap” method. Now that abortion has been brought up on Day 1, rather than Day 15 or so, it will be much, much harder to break the bill.

The eyes of the nation –no, the world– are now on Texas. With this new bill, there will be thousands upon thousands of protesters fighting every step of the way. That is, if the Senate Democrats show up to work. So the real question is will they stay and fight?

3 thoughts on “Stay or Go?

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