Senate hearing and Huckabee rally

The Texas Tribune reports that the big SB1 hearing has lasted into the middle of the night. The omnibus anti-abortion bill was brought up for public hearing in the Senate Health & Human Services Committee nearly a week after the House State Affairs Committee approved the measure after a controversial hearing.

Sen. Jane Nelson (R-Tarrant County), the Chairwoman of this committee, decided to deal with the public hearing quite differently than Chairman Cook did last week. 3,800 people registered positions on the bill, mostly against it.

Testimony included everything one would expect from such a hearing, including a “vagina poem” and the phrase “forced birthers.” My good friend Luis Fayad (another one from my years at City Hall) live-tweeted most of the hearing (warning, he is NSFW or really any type of wholesome, family environment). 

From what I understand, the hearing went on until about 2 in the morning, when the witness list was finally exhausted. There was no vote that took place on the legislation. I suppose this is good news.

The full Legislature gavels back into session this morning, and the House will hit the ground running and take up HB2, the omnibus anti-abortion bill. We’ll see what happens.

Off the Kuff and Burnt Orange Report have more on the hearing itself.

In other news, BOR also covered the big anti-abortion rally that took place at the Capitol yesterday. 2000 people showed up, mostly bused from across the nation. This is compared to the 5000-8000 local who showed up against HB2/SB1 last week. BOR has a great comparison picture to illustrate this point.

The normal non-normal people one would expect were all there, including the Dew, Governor-designate Greg Abbott, Mike Huckabee and the Duggars–you know, those bible thumpers with like 20 children. There weren’t many verbal gaffes or goofs, but it was very interesting to see how old and White this crowd was compared to the pro-choice crowd. But I suppose that’s about as obvious as the fact that it rains in Seattle.

The rumour this morning is that Rick Santorum is at the Capitol. Oh boy.

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