Abbott makes it official

The Texas Tribune reports that, as everyone in the world had expected, Greg Abbott announced his campaign for the Governor’s office. Abbott is, of course, the heir-apparent to Perry’s reign of terror. He would be Number 48. The 48th White Person, the 46th man and the 47th Conservative for all intent and purposes.

Abbott pulled no punches in his announced, turning it into a full-fledged campaign speech. He was in Houston today and gave a nearly identical speech. One of the recurring themes was him saying: “Government is supposed to be on your side — not riding your backs.” That is unless, I suppose, you are a woman. Right, Mr Attorney General?

Not a lot to say here, I sort of went over all of this last week. Especially all implications for next year. Off the Kuff has more.

One thought on “Abbott makes it official

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