FEMA reverses on West Aid

A number of weeks ago, it came out that FEMA denied federal aid to West, TX after their fertilizer plant explosion. At the time, I wrote to express my shock and anger at this decision, as did nearly every Republican in this State. As expected, Governor Perry appealed the decision.

What, perhaps, was not so expected, was that the appeal was won. The Texas Tribune reports that FEMA has changed course, and then President Obama signed the emergency funding order. It was unclear immediately how much money the Federal Government would be appropriating for this, but I think somewhere in the ballpark of $17 Million.

What I am not expecting, however, is for Rick Perry, Greg Abbott and others to have a change-of-heart on this topic. In their minds, President Obama will still be seen as exacting political revenge upon a State which is a political enemy of his. That was definitely wrong of the President, but he has now reversed course. My only hope is that the Republicans in the State can now put the event behind them.

That is why I am writing this, even though it is significantly shorter than most of my other posts. Because it was a scandal when the aid was denied, but a backpage story when the appeal was sustained. This is my attempt to right that discrepancy.

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