How Texpatriate is going to do Interviews

It was originally this board’s intention to hold dozens of interviews, with each and every Municipal election. However, this was quickly deemed as an unfeasible idea. One of the downsides to being an organization specializing in native Houstonians who spend their academic years elsewhere (hence, Texpatriate) is that we would have had to conduct every interview by the third week of August. The feat would have certainly been doable, but the rushed nature and early publication, we worry, would do more harm than good.

Next, this board discussed the idea of conducted interviews via telephone or Skype. Again, we deemed this plan to be of poor quality. Accordingly, this board settled upon the solution of sending interview questions via e-mail.

This board was never planning upon using significantly different questions for all each and every candidate. Accordingly, to anyone doing her or his homework well, the questions used in an interviewed may be easily attained. Such a realization led this board to not fret over the fact that a candidate may have time to respond to questioning.

It is not this board’s intention to engage in alleged “gotcha journalism,” nor is it our intention to purposefully catch any candidate or campaign off guard. We will be asking tough questions, and expected detailed answers. The colloquialisms associated with verbal interviews can sometimes diminish the effect and seriousness of these types of interviews, as well.

Over the next few days, we will be sending the same basic questions to each candidate’s campaign. These questions will, of course, differ based on a few circumstances. Most notably, the position sought, but also if the candidates is an incumbent, challenger or running for an open seat. If this board is not satisfied with any of the answers provided, we will send back a follow up question.

These questions and answers will be published verbatim in the order that this board completes correspondence with the respective campaigns. This board reserves the right to delay the publication of these interviews to ensure multiple interviews are not published on the same day.

We look forward to these discussions with candidates. Only after the conclusion of all of these interviews will this board begin deliberations as to our endorsements in each respective election. We will discuss those procedures at the appropriation time.

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