Creighton for Agriculture Commissioner


This morning I attended Brandon Creighton’s announcement for his bid for Texas Agriculture Commissioner in Montgomery, Texas, where his family has resided for over 170 years. Immediately preceding his speech, Reps. Steve Toth and Cecil Bell, both Republicans of Montgomery County, spoke on behalf of their friend Creighton and their personal excitement over Creighton’s announcement.

Touching on their strongly conservative and anti large federal government platforms, they finally yielded to the Representative Creighton. He then delivered a fiery speech for the crowd of supporters and locals. Creighton also spoke favorably of both Rick Perry and Todd Staples. Accompanied by his family on stage, Representative Creighton spoke of his conservative credentials and strong background in agriculture. He also touched on his pro life and anti Obama stance, wanting to keep Texas out of the hands of the federal government. This was echoed by a round of applause from the largely homogeneous crowd diversified only by gender.

While the speech served its purpose in gaining support, it failed to be full of substance regarding plans for the future of Texas Agriculture. More than a few comments about an agricultural platform would have sufficed at that point. In the end, a passionate speech was heard but little knowledge was gained.

The position of Agriculture Commissioner should not simply be a platform for higher office, or one for Tea Party rebel-rousing. As ridiculous as Todd Staples’ (the current Agriculture Commissioner) horse commercial was, it provided a great insight into the role of the Agriculture Commissioner. Sadly, Creighton did not give any concrete path as to how he would lead in that new role.

Sophia Arena is Texpatriate’s newest Staff Writer.

7 thoughts on “Creighton for Agriculture Commissioner

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