Texpatriate’s Week, August 5th-August 9th

Unfortunately, because of scheduling conflicts, we were unable to do the roundtable discussion. However, we will most definitely be doing it again in the future. Further, we have taken some of the biggest outstanding questions from the week and arranged for Noah M. Horwitz to offer his suggestions/answers.

1. Will Wendy Davis run for Governor?
Will she or should she? They’re two different questions. I’ve written about the latter topic extensively in the past, and ultimately came to the conclusion that she should, but I am not going to delineate why, because we’d be here all night.

Now, will she? It is certainly anyone’s guess, I suppose. I tend to think she will, just because it is such a great opportunity.

2. How will Ben Hall’s new TV ad affect the election?
Again, I wrote somewhat lengthy comments on this topic immediately after the ad came out, so I will try to keep this brief. Last night, I saw the advertisement on TV for the first tine, as opposed to YouTube, and a few things struck me. First, it really was a pretty good introduction. To the average voter, who still hasn’t really heard of Ben Hall if she didn’t live in Houston twenty years ago, he introduces himself as a humble, hardworking, intelligent man.

I still don’t think the concluding “we’ll talk soon” garbage is really going to help, however. Like I mentioned earlier, far fewer voters will watch the debate. This was his first impression

3. Earlier this week, Texpatriate sent out its interview questions. What do you hope to accomplish from this?
Ah, here’s an easy one. All of the people on Texpatriate’s Editorial Board have somewhat strong opinions on all of these elections, and we are really sensitive about imposing our bias onto these sensitive issues.

Simply put, we will be giving open-ended questions in advanced to these candidates, via email, and publishing their answers…verbatim. This way, anyone who reads us, irrespective of political orientation, can have a clear look at each and every candidate’s positions on the issues, free from all editorializing and biases.

Y’all will understand this more when we publish our first set.

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