Wendy and Julian

The Austin American-Statesman reports that Wendy Davis, who just announced on Monday she would only run for re-election or Governor, will be making an announcement on the Governor’s election “in a couple of week.”

The phrasing of this announcement is somewhat peculiar, and it gives me the strongest inkling yet that Davis will end up running for Governor. Nobody gives a speech to announce they’re not going to do something. For example, among the many candidates who were rumored to be considering a run for Comptroller was Christi Craddick, a Railroad Commissioner and former Speaker Tom Craddick’s daughter. When she recently noted she would not be running for that position, there was no speech, no announced, absolutely no pomp and circumstance. Instead, she simply disclosed the detail on Facebook.

This is why I am now convinced, more than ever, that Davis will run for Governor. There is no way that, with the amount she has been frankly speaking on the topic, that Davis still hasn’t made up her mind. I take it she has made up her mind, meaning that if she had made the decision to not run for re-election, she would have already let that leak to the press. But perhaps we are just overanalyzing this.

In other news, the San Antonio Express-News reports that Julian Castro, the Mayor of San Antonio, will be going to IOWA. Specifically, he will be headline a “Steak Fry” put on by Senator Tom Harkin, Iowa’s Democratic Senator. In 2006, the event was headlined by an individual who had also keynoted at the most recent Democratic National Convention: Barack Obama. As the Express-News explains:

In 2006, then-Sen. Barack Obama headlined the event. He told the New York Times at the event that he wasn’t running for president, a seat he would secure two years later. Two years before, Obama was catapulted into the national conscience when he presented the 2004 keynote address at the DNC.

I, for one, think there is about a 0% chance of Julian Castro running for President in 2016–maybe Hillary Clinton’s running mate. That being said, there are some significant other reasons Castro would be going to the Hawkeye State. I was going to delineate them, but but Cal Jillson of SMU, speaking in the Express-News article beat me to the point:

“When you get Cruz going to South Carolina, New Hampshire and also Iowa, that is an indication that he’s at least laying the groundwork for a presidential run if circumstances seem favorable in 2016,” Jillson said. “That’s not what Castro’s doing. What he’s doing is going to a highly visible event in one of the early states in the presidential selection process but not for the purpose of touting himself.”

It is important, however, to note that the DNC was not a one-time deal for Julian Castro and the national spotlight.

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