Another delayed Primary?

The Houston Chronicle reports that continued legal fights over redistricting may very well delay the 2014 Primaries again, similar to what happened in the 2012 primary election season.

That is about all of the substance the article talks about, as following the brief news item, the Chronicle goes on a long tangent about how a delayed primary could impact incumbents in a negative away. This, of course, is a less-than-subtle way of prophesying doom for David Dewhurst, since he both was the only incumbent officeholder adversely affected in the 2012 primary and the only incumbent running for re-election next year (though, if one were comfortable calling Dewhurst “incumbent” in a 2012 Senate election, I suppose Abbott, Patterson, Staples, et al are incumbents too).

For the life of me, I can’t find any hard proof as to this happening. The Chronicle seems to just be guessing/assuming it since there is ongoing legal action. It is probably a pretty good assumption, but let’s not forget there is not actual proof as to this occurrence.

Delaying a primary to May wreaks havoc on the entire schedule of events moving forward for the election. Most notably, it means that the runoff does not take place until July, thus placing party conventions square in the middle of the two elections, as was the case last year. This doesn’t really matter in the Democratic convention because it doesn’t matter who we nominate because they don’t win. To play the devil’s advocate, though, it is quite an impediment to the Republicans’ convention, as their primaries are what actually choose our officeholders. For the sake of party unity, it is devastating to not have some of the top tickets filled at the convention.

Now, I suppose there is something to be said about the fact that there are never competitive Statewide Democratic primaries in Texas, so we will have our spots picked earlier and it will give us the advantage. That hasn’t ever really been the case, nationally or locally, so I have very little faith in it making a difference next year.

Just something to keep in mind moving forward.

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