Miller says Davis will run

Robert Miller, the Houston lawyer, lobbyist and political confidant, reports that Wendy Davis WILL IN FACT run for Governor in next year’s Democratic Primary, and not for re-election to the State Senate. Miller cites “credible sources” that have told him this news, and from what I understand, Miller is typically somewhat trustworthy. Miller then goes on to describe why Davis would make a wonderful candidate, even if she doesn’t win, citing some reasons that sound EXACTLY like the ones I have been talking up for over a month, so I guess someone does read my blog:

However, the real winner of Sen. Davis’ decision to run for Governor are Texas Democrats.  Without her, they have no credible statewide candidate in 2014.  With her, they will likely find other credible Democrats willing to step out and run statewide.  She will also provide a race that Battleground Texas, the Obama campaign’s effort to turn Texas blue, can organize around.  Finally, she will likely boost Democratic turnout in urban counties such as Dallas and Harris helping down ballot Democrats running for county and judicial offices.

Anyways, the news is not all that surprising to me. While I had long been somewhat dubious and cynical as to statewide ambitions from Davis, her comments last Friday were able to decisively convince me that she had gubernatorial plans.

In case you need any validation of how seriously Miller is being taken, his comments have already been cited by Kronberg and The Texas Tribune. It appears we will have a competitive gubernatorial election after all. The most recent poll between Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis only cited an eight point deficit for Davis, with her competitor still below the 50% mark.

For comparison, Rick Perry beat Bill White by 13 points in 2010. Davis already represents progress. I still am not convinced she could win, but a very competitive gubernatorial election would certainly give a plethora of benefits to our State, including finally not being ignored by national Democratic money interests.

The other major issue that will arise if this occurs is who will run for Davis’ Senate seat. A Republican named Konni Burton is already running an insurgent campaign against Davis, which may lose some steam if Davis is no longer the Democratic nominee. I tend to agree with Off the Kuff that Joel Burns, who himself was Davis’ successor on the Fort Worth City Council, would make the best Democratic nominee for SD10.

I’ll have more when a major news source coaxes a statement out of Davis, if she says anything or any other developments in particular arise.

3 thoughts on “Miller says Davis will run

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