Perry prepping for another Presidential run

The Dallas Morning News reports that, while Rick Perry may be starting retire himself from Texas politics, this has not stopped a key group of his supporters from raising massive amounts of money to underwrite a potential Rick Perry 2016 campaign.

The new Super PAC, named Americans for Economic Freedom, will be modeled after Perry’s previous Super PAC, Make Us Great Again. The Morning News already notes that Perry stalwarts Mike Toomey and Brint Ryan have signed onto the team for this group. The group will help Perry in his transition past the gubernatorial office and into his long-expected exploratory committee. Only at that point will Perry decide whether or not he wants to test the waters yet again in 2016.

The most convincing evidence yet I received for how this affects Perry’s presidential prospects come straight from the Morning News article, directly from Hoppe. The first paragraph of the article reads:

“Top supporters of Gov. Rick Perry have started to build the infrastructure that will help the governor spread his message and test the waters of another presidential run.”

As I have stated before, Rick Perry will not be able to win the Republican primary, all other things remaining equal. This is because the 2016 crop will be significantly better than last year’s candidates. Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and Rand Paul are much, much more formidable.

That being said, Rick Perry has surprised me in the past. He certainly has a talent for outperforming expectations both Democrats and Republicans set for him. Sure, Perry being a moron, a hatemongerer or perhaps even a drunk, had something to do with his failure, but I do still think a big part of it was how late he entered the field. Perry did not officially throw his hat into the Presidential election until August 2011, whereas people like Mitt Romney had basically been perpetually running since the last election.

Perry will not make the same mistake this time (well, maybe the drunken rants will continue, at least I hope so). He has previously noted that he would make an announcement by the end of the year. This would mean he would get going on the Presidential run a full 18 months earlier than last time.

Let’s hope we still get these gems

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