Texpatriate’s Questions for Larry Green

Editorial note: This is the second in our series of electronic interviews with City Council, City Controller and Mayoral candidates. We have sent 10 questions based on seven different templates: (1) incumbent City Council, (2) challenger City Council, (3) open seat City Council, (4) challenger Controller, (5) incumbent Controller, (6) challenger Mayoral and (7) incumbent Mayoral. The following are verbatim copies of the questions sent out and the answers received.


Houston City Councilmember Larry Green, District K

Texpatriate: What is your name?
LK: Larry Green

T: What is the position you currently hold?
LK: Houston City Council Member, District K

T: What number term are you seeking?
LK: I am seeking my second term.

T: What is your political affiliation? We understand that City Council elections are nonpartisan, but this is a point many voters find important. If you are not comfortable currently identifying with a political party, what was the last Political Party’s primary election you voted in (a matter of public record)?
LK: I am a Democrat.

T: What was one ordinance you authored that has now become law? If none, what is an ordinance you have introduced?
LK: I was proud to recently lead the successful effort to create the Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) #25.
T: Could you please expand a little bit on the TIRZ he worked to created? Specifically, what it entails and will hopefully accomplish.
LK: The TIRZ designates about 5,500 acres — 1,400 in the Ft. Bend portion of the City of Houston, and 4,100 in Harris County, City of Houston — to use a portion of tax revenue collected within that zone for infrastructure projects that will further economic development in the area.

T: Why do you deserve another term?
LK: I work very hard on behalf of the residents of District K, and believe I have earned the opportunity to continue serving them.

T: What is an ordinance you would introduce in your next term?
LK: I will lead efforts to expand funding for summer jobs and after school programs for our young people.

T: What has been the most rewarding experience in serving on the City Council?
LK: Working with District K constituents at the neighborhood level, to improve their communities.

T: Obviously, an officeholder strives to maintain a diverse core constituency and political base, but all candidates have interest groups they have been traditionally strong with and traditionally weak with, respectively. For you, what would be one example of each type of group?
LK: I have a strong coalition of progressive people and organizations who support me.
T: Would it be possible to delineate some of the specific progressive organizations you mentioned supporting you?
LK: I am supported by many organizations, including Houston Black American Democrats, GLBT Political Caucus, Houston Association of Realtors, Harris County AFL-CIO, Young Stonewall Democrats, Houston Apartment Association, Houston Police Officers Union, Houston Professional Firefighters Association, and many others.

T: What has been the most important thing you have learned in your campaign?
LK: Listening is more important than talking.

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