More on the Phony Scandal

KRIV continues with its lazy, stupid, phony scandal. As I have noted twice now, until KRIV brings up some more evidence, which they have still yet to do, they have given absolutely no proof of any, not only wrongdoing, but amoral behavior, on the part of the Mayor of her administration.

One last time, I am going to run through what this entire mess entails. About a week ago, the local Fox-affiliate reported on what they deemed to be “unethical pay raises at City Hall.” At first, it seemed like the perceived scandal could have legs, but that was simply not the case.

The entire meat of the phony scandal rests upon the idea that many members of Parker’s staff received tremendous salary increases between 2009 in 2011. However, as I wrote at the time, this is hugely misleading, as Annise Parker did not become Mayor until 2010. Accordingly, whatever positions these respective individuals held at the time was not with the Mayor’s office, it was with the Controller’s office, assuming they still worked for Parker herself. It makes a great deal of sense that the Mayor’s Chief of Staff receives a higher salary than the City Controller’s Chief of Staff.

However, the entire spectacle was picked up by Channel 5 (KIAH), and later spread around extensively by the Hall campaign. Once again, I talked about the absurdity of this phony scandal at the time. Now, KRIV posts its third story on the matter, in a story which isn’t even all that anti-Parker in its core, but is harshly editorialized against her to portray a negative image in the headline.

The fox affiliate begins with the sensationalist headline of “MAYOR DEFENDS BIG RAISES FOR INNER CIRCLE.” They then took extended statements by both the Firefighter’s Union, but more specifically the Public Employee’s Union as well, out of context so that the most inflammatory, anti-Parker statements would be replayed.

KRIV then interviewed Mark Jones, the famed local political scientist at Rice University over the matter. Jones himself could not find any moral or ethical issues with the pay hikes, which he called “justified.” Somehow that bit of the interview was only mentioned in passing by the narrator, and was cut from the filmed portion.

This is the last I am going to write about this phony scandal so as long as none of the papers or major networks are touching it, as they should not.

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