Things get worse for Perry

A number of days ago, I noted that a Special Prosecutor would be appointed against Perry in the ongoing ethics, coercion & abuse of office complaint against the Governor. Now, the San Antonio Express-News reports that a Bexar County area lawyer, Michael McCrum, has been appointed to that position. The Express-News immediately asked to sit down with McCrum, instead receiving only a rudimentary statement on his behalf:

He told the Associated Press his first steps would be to “go and get a preliminary analysis as to what is really necessary.” He added, “This matter requires that no rash judgment be made, that there be some careful considerations of all options.”

The Dallas Morning News has a little more on the story, specifically on McCrum himself. The article in the Morning News gives some insight into his political affiliation, noting that President Obama attempted to nominate him as an US Attorney, but in the face of opposition, eunuch Obama backed off (like always). Though Obama certainly has a history of nominating non-Democrats to both the Federal bunch and prosecutor’s office in red states, the fact that he associated so close with the Administration tells me he is at least amicable to the cause of Democrats.

In other news, the Houston Chronicle reports that Emails have been leaked that prove Rick Perry was on a witchhunt against UT President Bill Powers, specifically making accusations to the regents that he was “spreading misinformation.”

Patti Hart wrote a wonderful article on this topic, explaining the entire saga of Perry vs Powers. As she continues:

Rumors that the regents are poised to fire Powers have been rampant in Austin for two years. He has been openly critical of the regents, including for a decision not to hike tuition. Some regents have criticized Powers’ fundraising ability, despite a record amount of donations to UT this year.

Fort Worth lawyer Gordon Appleman, a UT alum who is a member of the Texas Coalition for Excellence in Higher Education, said the communication confirms his suspicions that criticism of Powers has been directed by the governor.

“All this confirms what everyone has suspected: The governor is driving the train and these people are following obediently,” he said.

The spat has made national news, and is a perfect example of everything wrong with Perry. Before these emails were obtained, Perry had always distanced himself from the outlandish, anti-Powers statements made by his regents–yes, his regents. The emails, however, prove what we have known all along.

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