Horwitz on his Father’s candidacy

For those who have not already heard the news, my father, James S. Horwitz, is running for the City Council. Specifically, at-large #5, against an incumbent Councilmember, Jack Christie.

My astute readers will note the last article that bore my name in the title, wherein I expressed my outrage at Jack Christie, a Republican at-large City Councilmember, having no opposition. At that time, nearly two weeks ago, I had expected someone –anyone– to jump the race before the filing deadline. Today, the penultimate day of filing, Christie was still the only candidate in the mix.

Accordingly, something had to be done. After much deliberation, my father decided to throw his hat into the ring and serve as the sole opposition to Jack Christie. He did this in an act of symbolism as much as anything else, to prevent someone such as Christie from running unopposed.

While Christie bears animosity against modern medicine, my father, a 10-year cancer survivor, owes his life to it. While Christie voted against legislation to decriminalize dumpster diving, my father understands the need to treat the homeless with compassion…not as common criminals.

Simply put, Christie is a Republican. I had the pleasure yesterday of attending a meeting at City Hall to welcome young people representing the Brazilian Government to our city. Among the elected officials in attendance was Councilmember Christie. Christie railed on and on about how modern medicine, predominantly pills, is anathema to health. He also seemed to have nothing good to say about our current President and nothing bad to say about our immediate previous President.

While I will be helping my father’s campaign in many ways, I do realize that it is unethical to do so while covering the same election on this page. Accordingly, I will be recusing myself from any involvement or coverage of the At-large #5 campaign, and will recuse myself from the Editorial Board’s endorsement process in that election. The other members of Texpatriate (Romo, Olivia, George and Sophia) will pick up the slack on these issues.

Otherwise, I do strongly recommend checking out his website when it is uploaded here in the next few days.

4 thoughts on “Horwitz on his Father’s candidacy

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