The final lineup

If yesterday had not been my last day in Houston, I would have absolutely staked out on the 3rd Floor of City Hall in preparation of the last day of filing, because wow there were some surprises.

The full list is here, and includes some big shakeups:

In the Mayor’s race, Cook, Dick, Douglas, Fitzsimmons, Hall, Lane and Parker all filed, but two more fringe candidates entered the fray late: Charyl Drab and Derek Jenkins. Drab pulls up absolutely no results from Google, whereas the only Derek Jenkins I could dig up is one who is a banker with no political past. No idea if this is the one running for office.

No surprises in the Controller’s race, it is still just a one-on-one contest between Ronald Green and Bill Frazer. Simply put, this means the ultimate disposition of the election bill be solved in November, not December.

In AL1, Stephen Costello received a last minute challenger with Michael “Griff” Griffin. Griffin, who has run for municipal election on ten previous occasions, is an interesting character. I’m not quite sure what is political orientation is, and based on previous experience, Griffin doesn’t really take being a candidate serious enough to let other people find out.

Moving onto AL2, the four candidates I mentioned last week are the only ones running: Burks, Gordon, Rivera-Modesto and Robinson.

AL3 did not include any last minute filers (Batteau, Calvert, Chavez, Kubosh, Morales and Pool). However, it did see two fewer candidates than previously rumored. Chris Carmona, a Republican, made a somewhat shocking announcement yesterday afternoon in deciding not to file. Meanwhile, Al Edward’s non-campaign campaign finally met his demise yesterday when he was nowhere to be found.

With AL4, C.O. Bradford incurred an opponent at the last minute: Issa Dadoush. Dadoush,  former staple at both HISD and the City of Houston, has a habit of making fiery exits, even being mentioned in one of Wayne Dolcefino’s “things” (I refuse to call what he did ‘journalism’). I’m not completely sure about Dadoush’s political views, but I have to admit he is a Democrat, as he was, at one point, the Treasurer of Ben Mendez‘s campaign.

Then, there is AL5. Per my previous promise, I am not editorializing or otherwise commenting on this race. That being said, there are three candidates: Jack Christie, James S. Horwitz and Carolyn Evans-Shabazz.

Going into the realm of District seats, we start with District A. Brown, Hale, Knox, Peck and Stardig all filed, as expected. A sixth candidate, Catarina Cron, did not file.

District B was another interesting race. A woman named Katherine Blueford-Daniels signed up to challenge the Councilmember somewhat early, and was the only candidate until an hour before the filing deadline yesterday. The incumbent, Jerry Davis, did in fact file at the last minute, as well as an individual named Joe Joseph who previously filed a campaign finance report. The surprise was an individual named Kenneth Perkins. He’s run for this seat a number of times before, as well as for Precinct 3 Constable most recently. Long time police officer, long time Democrat. He has a website, though it is still in Constable campaign mode.

In District C, there was some question of whether Ellen Cohen would receive a challenge from an individual named Pete Sosa. As it turns out, Sosa did not file, so Cohen has been re-elected.

In District D, there were the 11 candidates previously mentioned (Boykins, Caldwell, Edwards, Johnson, McGee, McKinzie, Provost, Richards, Robinson, Sanders and White. The newcomer is Demetria Smith. I feel really bad that she hasn’t popped up on my radar yet –I’m typically pretty good at that sort of thing– because she has had a Facebook page since March. She is a financial consultant who steered clear of any overtly partisan message, but I still think she is a Democrat.

Onto District E, Martin drew no challengers.

In District F, Hoang received a challenger named Richard Nguyen. There was a “Etienne Nguyen” who ran against Hoang in 2011 and started making death threats thereafter. It is a pretty common name, but there’s a chance the two could be related or Richard is even the anglicized version of his real name.

As I had noted before, District G remains Pennington and Taef.

In District H, Gonzalez drew no challengers.

In District I, the four previously mentioned candidates (Ablaza, Gallegos, Garces and Mendez) are the only candidates.

In Districts J & K, respectively, Laster & Green each drew no challengers.

Dos Centavos has more.

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