Primaries will not be delayed

The Texas Tribune reports that the 2014 Texas primaries will be scheduled normally; they will occur at the beginning of March. The decision was undertaken by the Federal Judges in San Antonio (the closest district court to the capital), who noted that, while litigation would continue against the constitutionality of the Legislature drawn maps (which are identical to the Court drawn maps from earlier), it would not affect the regularly schedule 2014 election, including the unreasonably early primary election.

One may recall that the Chronicle noted the possibility of another delayed primary last month. This was discussed as something that could adversely affect David Dewhurst in his upcoming contentious primary fight.

This is important for Democrats as well. While today’s Houston Chronicle article on the topic discusses the horrible setback that Democrats have suffered, I must beg to differ. The article notes that Texas has an exceptionally early primary and, therefore, a very short campaign season (only about the two months from New Year’s to March 4th).

All of this is true, but the article conflates the present situation with a far different one: a regularly scheduled primary in May. While a May primary, that has been planned in May in advanced, would offer a great respite for challengers –both Democrats and Tea Party– and help their campaigns, the same is not true of what happened in 2012.

In 2012, the primaries were delayed without much warning, and the new primary election date was up in the air for a long amount of time. As the Court-ordered maps and the Legislature-drawn maps differed significantly, a plethora of candidates were unaware of which seat they would actually be running in.

This utter chaos, this pandemonium on the ground, is not good for challengers. It creates disorganized campaigns that waste far too much of their time and money on extraneous details. Such scenarios ultimately benefit the incumbent, as the incumbent is always at default to win an election because of superior name recognition and funding.

Accordingly, Democrats should be happy that the primary will be on the normally scheduled day in districts we are already familiar with.

Off the Kuff has more.

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