Texpatriate’s Questions for Modesto Rivera

Editorial note: This is the seventeenth in our series of electronic interviews with City Council, City Controller and Mayoral candidates. We have sent 10 questions based on seven different templates: (1) incumbent City Council, (2) challenger City Council, (3) open seat City Council, (4) challenger Controller, (5) incumbent Controller, (6) challenger Mayoral and (7) incumbent Mayoral. The following are verbatim copies of the questions sent out and the answers received.

Modesto Rivera, Candidate for the Houston City Council at-large Position #2

Texpatriate: What is your name?
MR: Modesto (Moe) Rivera

T: What is your current occupation?
MR: Accounting Supervisor-Airport Service Contracts

T: Have you run for or held public office before?
MR: Negative.

T: What is your political affiliation? We understand that City Council elections are nonpartisan, but this is a point many voters find important. If you are not comfortable currently identifying with a political party, what was the last Political Party’s primary election you voted in (a matter of public record)?
MR: Affiliated with the Republican Party but will vote for individual Democrat or Independent if they are best qualified.

T: Typically, this board will defer to incumbents unless we are convinced the incumbent has failed in some way. Do you believe the incumbent has failed at her or his job? If so, why?
MR: Correct,

The incumbent has not protected the best interests of his constituents and has not properly conducted himself.

T: Why are you specifically running against this incumbent?

A. Advice from my political team.

B. Need fresh new ideas on how to generate additional funds and reduce costs.

C. Balance the (CAFR) budget.

D. Globally promote Houston.

E. Improve the City’s image as a Global Leader in Energy, Medical Center, Space Travel, Real Estate, Sports and Entertainment.

T: What do you hope to get out of serving on the City Council?
MR: Serve this City with integrity, fairness and dignity while affording a better future for its citizens.

T: What is an ordinance you would introduce in your next term?
MR: Propose a new funding source for the improvement of its infrastructure.

T: Obviously, an officeholder strives to maintain a diverse core constituency and political base, but all candidates have interest groups they have been traditionally strong with and traditionally weak with, respectively. For you, what would be one example of each type of group?

A. Traditionally strong with conservative groups.

B. Weak with Liberal groups.

T: What has been the most important thing you have learned in your campaign?
MR: It takes full energy, commitment, persistence, unity on behalf of all team members to include myself.

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