Villarreal to NOT RUN

The Houston Chronicle reports that State Representative Mike Villarreal, long seen as a possible Democratic candidate for a Statewide post come next year, will not run for anything.

While Villarreal had long ruled out any interest in running for Governor, but had left the door open to other offices at some point in the future. However, today the Representative gave a sharp critique of the Texas Democratic Party’s prospects, believing that they have absolutely no chance of victory in 2014. He’s probably right.

It is no secret that Villarreal, who has represented part of San Antonio in the lower chamber since 1999, wants a higher office. While Villarreal told the Chronicle that he expects Wendy Davis to run for Governor and for her to win, the statement is utterly ridiculous grandstanding on his part when you take into his preceding statements.

Villarreal told the Chronicle that, on the question of  running for higher office in 2014, “the timing is not good for me.” The article then goes on to note that, if he were to run and lose, he would lose his State House seat (including his prestigious Committee Chairmanship).

To be clear, I completely agree with Villarreal that Democrats have no chance next year and I do not blame him for doing what he did. It is his equivocation on the question of the feasibility of a Democratic candidacy that I found somewhat troubling.

In other news, as Off the Kuff notes, State Senator Leticia Van de Putte is inching closer to a campaign for Lieutenant Governor.

2 thoughts on “Villarreal to NOT RUN

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  2. Battleground Texas has registered nearly 1 million new voters in an off-election year. They’ve formed a statewide network to support Democrats at lightning speed in less than a year. We finally have a lead candidate.

    I think you’re wrong on this… Democrats have a very good chance of taking at least one statewide office.

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