Houston & Prop 6

The Texas Tribune reports that, on the fight to ensure this State’s water funding, Houston will be the epicenter. Simply put, in off-year November elections, Houston is the only major city in the State to hold municipal elections. Accordingly, it is the, for lack of a better term, mother load, of votes in these Statewide referendum votes.

The article by Ross Ramsey in the Tribune estimates about 35% of the Statewide votes will be coming from the Houston area. In addition to the Mayoral/municipal elections, the Tribune also cites the Astrodome referendum that will be on the ballot this year for all of Harris County. The County, of course, is over twice the size of the City.

All of this presents an interesting conundrum for the rest of the city, which is desperately in need of anything to help solve our State’s desperate water crisis. While the vast majority of Texas has been incessantly afflicted by drought for the past few years, one of the only exceptions has been the Houston area. By far the wettest part of the State, there is an interesting irony in that region will be asked to approve a huge bond measure helping to solver the water crisis.

As I have spoken on before, the Water funding amendment is a good piece of legislation. It would be an awful shame to see it go down and fall prey to Tea Party anarchists. Luckily, I would suspect the crowd voting in the Houston Mayoral would be somewhat left-of-center. But that is a long ways off and we have very little information.

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