No lawsuit over NDO4SA

The Texas Tribune reports that the Attorney General’s office now, upon further review, most likely will not file suit to block the recently-passed non discrimination ordinance in San Antonio.

The incumbent attorney general, Greg Abbott, who is running for Governor, had made some grandiose statements in the past opposing the ordinance. Abbott had warned that treating LGBT people like, well…human being, would have an earth-shattering impact upon the community, causing the liberals to practice discrimination en masse against [conservative] Christians. Never mind the fact that the biggest parts of the religious community in San Antonio supported the ordinance.

Now, following Abbott’s huge about-face, the Attorney General’s office released a statement noting that, allegedly at the last minute, the clause that would penalize officeholders who “demonstrate a bias, by word or deed” was removed. However, the San Antonio Express-News, in their coverage of the issue, notes in this August 11th article that, after some religious institutions objected,  the City Council “removed that language July 25.”

Though the Tribune article notes that Abbott made his comments about filing a lawsuit against the ordinance (for alleged violation of religious liberties and over-vagueness) “before the ordinance had been edited.” However, it would appear they are mistaken. The earlier reference I could find about Abbott threatening a lawsuit was an article in The Dallas Morning News from August 26th. That is a little more than a month after the language in question was deleted.

Greg Abbott found a good excuse to back down, knowing that his asinine lawsuit could not possibly win. It is unfortunate that the Tribune did not live up to their reputation on this matter, they typically do better work.

The San Antonio Express-News has more on the topic.



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