Wendy Davis to decide her plans

At about 10 o’clock this evening, I received an email from the Wendy Davis that she was going to be making a major announcement on October 3rd, and would be announcing this tomorrow morning at 9 AM. Until then, the press release warned, the information was “embargoed.” I assume Michael Li of Texas Redistricting get the same press release, but must have not read the full thing, so he posted this Tweet about twenty minutes later:

“Official. Wendy Davis announcing her next move Oct 3. #txlege http://go.wendydavisforsenate.com/landing/e130918lp/ …

The tweet immediately went viral as those who did not know gasped and those who did sighed. Both the Associated Press & the Texas Tribune have now published stories on the topic, and the Tribune mentions that the campaign officially lifted the embargo, so I do not feel any lost sense of ethics writing about it.

On Thursday October 3rd, or roughly two weeks from now, Wendy Davis will make a “big announcement” about her political future. I’ve heard rumors, but am unprepared to publicly state whether it will be in Austin or Fort Worth (or, heck, even San Antonio).

This pretty much sums it up, she will run. Nobody announces an announcement 15 days in advanced, combined with a Nationwide newsblast, in order to announce a re-election campaign to a State Senate seat. The way I see it, if Wendy Davis does not run for Governor, it would be a huge disappointment that would eviscerate whatever remnant of a chance the Texas Democrats ever had in 2014. For the sake of Davis, she would be heavily advised to make the announcement of non-candidacy as soon as possible and in as low-profile of a way. Given that this is not happen, it has to be a gubernatorial run.

Additionally, the mailer discussed Wendy Davis answers the question of “What’s next.” Homeostasis in one’s political career, in my humble opinion, does not constitute something that is “next.”

The Houston Chronicle, which is far more certain of a gubernatorial candidacy, has more (citing the AP article).

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