Texpatriate endorses in District F

Al Hoang was first elected to the City Council in 2009. The year, long before the founding of this blog, was the one when each and every member of this board began working at City Hall. The members of this board were active within the political community even back then, and many worked with the local municipal campaigns of the time. One member of this board worked with Al Hoang’s campaign.

Hoang faced Mike Laster, a longtime stalwart in the community, in the general election at the time. While Laster was indeed an admirable candidate, Hoang’s campaign’s skills in mobilizing support from among the community was, in this board’s opinion, nothing short of amazing. Receiving huge chunks of the vote in early voting, Hoang surprised just about everyone when he was first swept into office in 2009.

In the four years since taking office, Hoang has continued to do his part for the community. Remaining active within the local scene, Hoang has successfully worked to remain connected and responsive to his constituents. This board believes such attributes are invaluable traits for a public servant.

Despite coming from a conservative community of South Vietnamese expats, Hoang has fought for what he believes is correct for the greater good. This board lauds the courage Hoang showed by supporting a recent trade mission by the Mayor to Vietnam. The incident drew strong rebuke from many in Hoang’s home community, climaxing in a man pointing a gun at the Councilmember. However, even in the face of danger and adversity, Hoang stood strong on his principles. Further, this board believes Hoang has made inroads into fostering a more bipartisan legacy for himself, publicly endorsing the incumbent Democratic Mayor this election.

This board believes Councilmember Hoang’s tenure on the City Council thus far was been widely successful, combining his ability to deliver for the community with being a pragmatic leader unafraid of doing something unpopular if it is right. Hoang’s only opposition in this election is from a man named Richard Nguyen. Nguyen has been an active opponent of Hoang in recent years, and has dragged the Councilmember into often ludicrous conspiracy theories. Indeed, he was the campaign manager in 2011 for Etienne Nguyen, the aforementioned individual who threatened Hoang’s life.

Accordingly, this board endorses Al Hoang in District F, as both the best choice and an honorable for the voters of his district.

The Texpatriate Editorial Board is comprised of Olivia Arena of Austin, George Bailey & Noah M. Horwitz of Boston and Andrew Scott Romo of New Orleans.

2 thoughts on “Texpatriate endorses in District F

  1. Al hoang lacks passion for public service for district f,even two years ago his election night perfomance was lackluster,winning by a mere 500 votes,however his opponent Richard Nguyen is on fire for district f and has that passion to serve that al once had years ago,i strongly encourage the entire voting community of district f to vote Richard Nguyen as your next city councilmember,please except this as my personal endorsment and call me direct 832-258-7511 if you have any questions per my thoughts,respectfully joshua ben bullard.

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