An election for District Attorney

The Houston Chronicle reports that Kim Ogg, a longtime prosecutor and former director of CrimeStoppers, will run for the District Attorney’s office as a Democrat in 2014. Devon Anderson, the newly appointed District Attorney, wasted no time in noting that she will run for a full term herself in 2014.

The only policy issue that the Chronicle noted of Ogg was the previous District Anderson, Mike Anderson’s, reversal of the precedent in drug “trace cases,” where a nearly negligible amount of drugs such as crack cocaine would still constitute a felony.  The policy was reversed during the tenure of Pat Lykos from 2009 to 2013, but reinstated upon M. Anderson taking office.

Ogg is the daughter of Jack Ogg, a political legend from a previous generation. The senior Ogg, also a Democrat, served in the State House from 1967 to 1973, and in the State Senate from 1973 to 1983. During his last legislative session in the upper chamber, Ogg served as the President Pro Tempore.

Considering how viscerally negative the response of many in the GOP have been to D. Anderson’s appointment to the DA’s office, it is not a forgone conclusion that she will win the primary. I am not a betting man (Editorial note: That’s a damned lie, Noah), but I would reckon that next year’s GOP DA Primary would feature something of a three person race, between Anderson, a Pat Lykos backer and someone to the very far-right.

When it comes to the Democrats, all bets are off. For those who remember, last year the Democrats defenestrated themselves by nominating a complete loon for the post. That primary season was especially painful for Democrats, however, as our US Senate nominee couldn’t even clear a primary against literal no-names.

This news should also open up the conversation about our Countywide contests. As far as I know, Ogg and David Rosen for County Treasurer are the only Democrats running for all of Harris. The Clerks & County Judge still need candidates. Ann Bennett talked about running for one of the Clerkships last summer, but I have not heard anything recently about.

Big Jolly Politics & Off the Kuff have more.

3 thoughts on “An election for District Attorney

  1. What’s kicking Noah — I’ve got a little information to contribute. Not counting the judicials, we now have seven countywide seats up this year, two of which are held by Democrats:
    County Judge
    County Clerk
    District Clerk
    District Attorney
    County Treasurer
    County School Board #5 (currently held by Democratic incumbent Debby Kerner)
    County School Board #7 (currently held by Democratic appointed incumbent Howard Jefferson)

    Ann Bennett is actively collecting signatures to run for County Clerk, so we’ve got a candidate for that slot. Last time I talked to Debby Kerner (admittedly, months ago), she told me she was intending on running for re-election. Then you’ve got Kim Ogg in the DA’s race and me in the Treasurer’s race.

    We will find someone to run for HCDE #7 — we have to hold that seat to keep our majority on the County School Board. I’m personally aware of conversations around that position and in the District Clerk’s race, where the Republicans have a divisive primary looming ahead of them.

    I expect that there will be a flurry of activity after Wendy Davis makes her announcement. It seems early, but filing closes on December 9, which is only about two months from now.

  2. Actually, very few of the hard right wing GOP have publicly spoken against Devon to assume the position of her late husband, the usual nuts supporting her despite their endless attacks on her over the grand jury matter under Lykos. The reasoning they are giving “off the record” is that they felt the need to take an “anyone but Hill” approach, former Judge Hill certainly the best qualified person for the position according to those who work in the system or are impacted by it directly (on both sides of the political aisle).

    Now that they have a viable alternative, watch them slowly turn up the heat on Devon until no one remembers their letters in support of her and internet ramblings suggesting there was no other choice. Ogg is a likeable enough character and marginally qualified but has no recent experience in any capacity to claim she is even half the candidate Devon, never mind Hill, are but as you point out, the democrats picked such a lame horse last time that history might repeat itself.

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