Guv update 10/4

Unless you live under a rock, I take it that you have heard the news about State Senator Wendy Davis: she is running for Governor. The big announcement was made yesterday, and prompted a tremendous amount of media coverage in the day since.

Typically, the doomsayers of the media (myself included) hop onto the joy of liberals and stomp it out with our boots. Today was no exception. However, two pieces of news especially caught my attention today, suggesting some good fortunes for Davis’ candidacy.

First, from The Dallas Morning News, Davis talks about how she can win, specifically how she expects to win. Davis compares to race to her uphill struggles to win election in SD10 in both 2008 and 2012. While I admire Davis’ spunk and confidence, it pained me to see so few specifics in the article.

Personally, the entire thing reminds me of false hope involving previous Democratic nominees. Long ago, Burnt Orange Report published an article soooooo wrong, that it dwarfed those who alleged Mitt Romney would win by double-digits, when they triumphantly predicted a victory competitive election from Bill White.  Sure, having confidence is great, but it needs to be backed up by facts.

That brings us to our second topic. The Week, sticking to good ol’ facts, lists five concrete reasons why Wendy Davis’ campaign could easily prove effective and competitive. The magazine listed the obvious, including the national recognition & funding, the demographics and the easy parallels to 1990. However, most importantly, the magazine notes that Rick Perry’s retirement is, in fact, a good thing for Davis.

I have long been of the opinion that Rick Perry was a particularly formidable opponent in Texas politics. When I was a little kid, and my father took me to the local Democratic club, I recall standing up and interrupting the speaker when he noted that it would be everyone’s interests to vote in the GOP Primary for Perry over Hutchison, “because we can beat Perry.” Needless to say, I was just as much of a cynic back then as well.

Perry, for better or worse, had some impeccable name recognition. That’s well over half the battle in politics.

I’ll conclude the update with Nick Anderson’s cartoon at the Houston Chronicle on Davis’ entrance:[I don’t lift articles from other sources, so I am not going to reprint a cartoon either; follow the link to his page]

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