Guv update 10/8

Today saw two major stories about the Governor’s race, one looking at the typical dichotomy of the candidates, and another discussing a possible shake-up.

First, Peggy Fikac at the Houston Chronicle published an article this morning, wherein she noted that the two candidates, Attorney General Greg Abbott and State Senator Wendy Davis, have already established themselves as different on many of the important issues. Among the many issues the two disagree on are licenses for illegal immigrants. Representing the typical interests of their respective parties, Davis supports such documents as a necessity in public safety, while Abbott opposes the measures. The Texas Republican Party is dominated by nativists who favor such positions as well as self-deportation.

Another major policy that Fikac notes a disagreement in is the American-US Air merger, which I have previously written upon extensively. Fikac then moves onto the more glamorous issues, specifically abortion and gun control.

Everyone and their uncle now is familiar with Wendy Davis’ pro-choice stance. Abbott, by comparison, is severely pro-life anti-choice. The omnibus anti-abortion bill will surely be a major flashpoint throughout the campaign. Additionally, gun control measures are mentioned. Davis is much more moderate on this issue. The astute will remember that Davis voted for the infamous “Guns on Cars” bill last session, which I strongly disagreed therewith.

One more issue that will be sure to arise throughout the campaign is LGBT rights. A few weekends ago at TribuneFest, Abbott equivocated even on a question of if homosexuality is a choice. His positions on this issue are dangerously extreme and outdated. By comparison, as I mentioned last night, Wendy Davis has been only in favor of LGBT rights.

The other piece of news is from The Dallas Morning News, which reported upon a new candidate in the Republican primary for Governor. Lisa Fritsch, a longtime activist and pundit affiliated with the Tea Party, announced her candidacy for the office. Discerning herself from Abbott, she told the Morning News that her priorities would be fighting against corruption and “school choice,” a fancy Conservative euphemism for school privatization.

Fritsch will run in the Republican primary, meaning that there is no chance for a spoiler. However, if both Fritsch and Tom Pauken, a former State GOP Chair also running for Governor, are able to siphon enough energy from Abbott, there is an argument to be made that he will not prepare for the general election until March –or, if one is lucky, May. Unfortunately, whether it has been Barack Obama 2008 or Rick Perry 2010, history has shown such a hypothesis is simply not true.

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