Guv update 10/10

Two major events occurred yesterday, but I dozed off well before I could muster together a decent article on the topic.

First, the Texas Tribune reports on increased Hispanic outreach on the part of the Abbott campaign. Specifically, the RNC announced yesterday the creation of the Texas Hispanic Engagement Team. The team will  be spearhead by –you guessed it– Aaron Pena, the former State Representative from the valley who controversially switched parties in 2011.

Abbott, speaking with the RNC in Houston, trumpeted the values of conservatism, and stressed how they were the same values of Hispanic persons. “We have not seen Hispanics switching from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party. This is a one-way street that we’re driving on down the pathway toward a more powerful future for the great state of Texas,” Abbott stated.

Not to be outdone on the topic, the Democrats responded. Gilberto Hinojosa, the Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, responded with this lengthy statement. “DC Republicans can pour money into Texas, but they can’t buy the Hispanic vote out here. We see where the Tea Party has led Republicans in our state — and how they spend their primaries fighting over who can be the most anti-immigrant. The problem with the Republican Party and Hispanics is a policy problem, something no marketing campaign can fix,” Hinojosa said.

The outreach efforts would include “visits” into the community, such as churches and chambers of commerce. Additionally, phone banking efforts would be made.

In other news, the Houston Chronicle and Texas Leftist both report on a joint press conference held yesterday between Wendy Davis & Annise Parker at Houston City Hall. The issues being discussed at the press conference was predominantly the issue of a backlog of untested rape kits. Each of the aforementioned women have been instrumental in helping to diminish this crisis throughout the State.

Davis, of course, was the main backer of a bill helping to ensure untested rape kits are tested. Parker, by comparison, was able to make HPD test those backlogged kits earlier this year. The two discussed working together on the topic, but the far more serious implications of the press conference had to do with the political aspirations of each of these players.

Though no formal endorsements, the pair exchanged very supportive lines about one another. This photo-op had the mutual benefit of increasing Parker’s standing among liberals as well as Davis’ among Houstonians.

One thought on “Guv update 10/10

  1. Besides being a great photo-op, the Press Conference also had the added benefit of being the day after the one and only Mayoral debate, thereby significantly minimizing any negative impacts to Parker. Some expert political timing here.

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