Money bomb for Wendy Davis

There are two major events that actually occurred yesterday, but I wanted to combine my highlights of them into a separate news item this morning. State Senator Wendy Davis, the presumptive Democratic nominee for Governor, Simply put, Wendy Davis will need some substantial financial support in order to run a competitive election against Greg Abbott next year.

Therefore, I am asking you do donate any amount to the Wendy Davis campaign. Here is the link:

Why should you donate? Well, my colleagues at Burnt Orange Report already explained it so well:

Because our kids deserve the best education possible, and our public schools and teachers need more funding to be competitive, not $5.4 billion in cuts.

Because women are equal to men and Texas needs a Governor who not only agrees but is willing to sign legislation that affirms this basic fact.

Because as Wendy herself said, “quid pro quo has become the status quo,” and Texans don’t benefit when contracts, grants, and appointments are handed out as favors to donors.

Because Texas can do better than being ranked near the bottom of high school graduation rates and near the top of cancer-causing pollutants in our water and air.

The participants include:

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