Hall losing steam?

Greg Groogan at KRIV recently published an article on Ben Hall’s candidacy. The story was a fairly straightforward piece about Ben Hall’s recent ad on crime-fighting. However, what threw the local political followers into a frenzy was the last line: “The millionaire candidate has decided against investing in any more TV time during the final 27 days of the campaign.”

The short innuendo was later expanded upon by Groogan on Twitter, who noted he was confident that Ben Hall had actively decided against spending any more money on TV ads throughout the campaign. This, in turn, led to Mike Morris at the Houston Chronicle picking the story up.

It has now been confirmed that Hall will not be investing any more money into a TV blitz before November 5th, whereas Mayor Parker will be airing what the Chronicle calls “hundreds of slots” in the waning days of the election.

Morris talked to a number of people heavily involved with these types of municipal elections, including Bob Stein, Robert Miller and Brandon Rottinghaus. The trio was unanimous in its disappointment and disagreement with the decision of the Hall campaign.

As it currently stands, Hall has taken one of two positions. First, he may be so confident that there be a runoff election that he is not spending any more money until that time, opting instead to save his hard earned money for an ad blitz in early December. Comparably, there is the very real possibility that Hall has simply given up on the race. Since any money coming out the Hall Campaign’s coffers are more realistically just coming out of Dr Hall’s pockets himself, this would make since if he has come to the belief that going on is futile.

Further, in recent campaign finance reports just highlighted by Off the Kuff, Mayor Parker showed contributions of over $750,000 in the last three months, compared to a mere $200,000 from Dr Hall. Further, of all the money raised by Hall, roughly 78% of it has come from himself. Parker also maintains nearly five times the amount of cash on hand as her challenger.

Dos Centavos has more.

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