Texpatriate endorses in District D

There are no municipal elections this year with more candidates than District D. After serving the district well for six years, Councilmember Wanda Adams will be forced out by term limits. Though this board made our best efforts to reach out to the dozen candidates, we were only able to receive responses to our interview questions from a handful of candidates. Instead of depending too heavily on this board’s interview materials alone, we strongly recommend checking out New Media Texas, where Durrell Douglas conducted video interviews with most of the candidates. Additionally, we recommend consulting this blog, specifically about the District D election, which is being run by TSU Students.

This election features a plethora of well-qualified, well-intentioned candidates that this board believes would be remarkable additions to the City Council. However, we disagreed sharply about who was the best candidates, who earned our support the most. While none of the members of this board reside in District D, Texpatriate‘s office is located within the district. Accordingly, we feel a special connection to the district.

Texpatriate will not endorse a candidate in District D, as each member of this board instead selected the candidate he or she supported, which turned out to be all unique selections.

District D, like many other areas within the City, deserves a strong progressive voice on the City Council. I believe that Assata Richards is best positioned to be that voice.

Ms Richards is a consistent fighter for the underdog, a skill she no doubt refined as a major decision-maker at the Houston Housing Authority. She has committed herself to progressive values throughout this campaign, and is a tireless advocate for those in need. In a recent interview, Ms Richards talked about how, if elected, she would fight hard for Houston to be “one of the most progressive and compassionate” cities.

And just as how Ms Richards has taken note of progressivism and compassion, the organizations representing those interests have taken note of Ms Richards. She has been endorsed by such progressive groups as the Houston GLBT Caucus, Houston Stonewall Young Democrats and Democracy for Houston.

Accordingly, I endorse Assata Richards for the Houston City Council District D.
–Olivia Arena

Politics is often dominated by the old and the distant. Rarely does the opportunity ever arise to support a young, avid candidate who is heavily involved in her community to make a difference. Christina Sanders represents one of those rare opportunities.

Ms Sanders got her start in politics the same way everyone involved with Texpatriate did: on the Mayor’s Youth Council. Like us, she continued to be heavily connected with the local political community after High School, and later served as a key leader on the League of Young Voters.

One of the core tenets of Ms Sanders’ candidacy is to increase transparency within the City government and give constituents and voters more of a say on the goings-on of the City. She has also advocated the implementation of programs educating residents on the current events of the local government. This effort to lift the veil off of City Hall is well-received, and is a validation of many of the points the other members of this board have been talking about for months.

Accordingly, I endorse Christina Sanders for the Houston City Council District D.
–George Bailey

I have determined there to be five candidates worthy of recognition in this election: Dwight Boykins, Georgia Provost, Assata Richards, Anthony Robinson and Christina Sanders. I sincerely believe that any of these candidates would make a valiant Councilmember and believe each would be an assiduous champion for the often-neglected district.

In part, I come to this conclusion because these candidates boast nearly identical positions on all major issues. Historically, and this race will prove to be no exception, when the candidates have been politically indistinguishable, I have made selections based on the personality and backstory of the candidates.

When left to that option, the choice is very, very clear. I join the Houston Chronicle in supporting Anthony Robinson. For those who do not know, Mr Robinson has an unbelievably inspirational story. In 1986, Mr Robinson was convicted of a crime he did not commit, wrongly serving a decade in prison. After raising enough money for a DNA test of his own, Mr Robinson’s innocence was proven and he was pardoned by the Governor.

Many people, after being abused and wronged so fatefully by the system, would turn their backs on society. But Mr Robinson has now decided to give his everything to the same society that wrongfully imprisoned him. That amount of wisdom and forgiveness is  reminiscent only of such individuals as Nelson Mandela.

Mr Robinson offers both a unique perspective and an unparallelled set of experiences to municipal politics. It is my hope that he be able to bring them to City Hall.
–Noah M. Horwitz

City Council Districts boast just a single representative. Accordingly, it is invaluable find candidates for these offices who lack the need for on-the-job training. I believe that Dwight Boykins is the best candidate for the office of the Houston City Council District D for exactly that reason.

Mr Boykins has previously run for the City Council a number of times in the past, spanning nearly twenty years. He has done so in at-large positions as well, garnering massive publicity and experience in both politics and government in the process.

For these reasons, when Mr Boykins officially launched his campaign this past February, he received quick support from stalwarts of the community, including former Mayor Lee Brown. Additionally, Mr Boykins has worked harder than any other District D candidate to ensure a frequently-updated and comprehensive social media platform. Back in February, when these accounts were first unveiled by the campaign, Noah M. Horwitz lauded the campaign in an article on the topic, saying “For a City Council candidate to have such an awesome Social Media infrastructure this early is noteworthy, especially from a District candidate.”

Accordingly, I endorse Dwight Boykins for the Houston City Council District D.
–Andrew Scott Romo

The Texpatriate Editorial Board is comprised of Olivia Arena of Austin, George Bailey & Noah M. Horwitz of Boston and Andrew Scott Romo of New Orleans.

3 thoughts on “Texpatriate endorses in District D

  1. Very interesting spread! I think this spread of separate endorsements scream “RUNOFF!”

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