Chronicle reprimands Cruz

A year ago, the Houston Chronicle endorsed Ted Cruz for the US Senate. While the editorial largely felt like a reluctant admittance that Cruz was guaranteed a win, this did not prevent the paper from endorsing Keith Hampton’s insurmountable and futile bid to defeat Sharon Keller as presiding judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals. All in all, the endorsement was the Chronicle’s biggest dabble in unmitigated idiocy in a very long time.

I don’t want to tell the Houston Chronicle Editorial Board, ‘I told you so,’ but…well, actually, I do. I told you so. Ted Cruz, who perhaps gets most of his hate nowadays from mainstream Republicans, is the most dangerous Government official who holds office in this country. Accordingly, I was pleased to see a harsh repudiation of Ted Cruz in this morning’s Chronicle Editorial.

The editorial, which is titled “Why we miss Kay Bailey Hutchison,” lambasted Cruz for being “part of the problem.” The editorial also took a swipe at Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, call his lurch to the right “painful to watch.”

This scathing criticism made national news, though most media sources got it wrong and printed that the paper official rescinded their endorsement. They did not do this, as much as it would make me happy to see the newspaper admit it was wrong.

Perhaps much more insightful was actually the top comment, which (in stark contrast to typical article comment threads) looked to be written by someone with a three-digit IQ. The user, “cromartie,” left the following comment, which was given high marks by the readers:

“Editorials like this are akin to being a spouse who is shocked, shocked! that their alcoholic fiance didn’t stop drinking when they got married.

The guy was an idiot when he ran, and an idiot when you endorsed him. Prefacing an endorsement with a mountain of wish fulfillment doesn’t absolve you of culpability of doing your part in foisting this moron on the world.

You don’t endorse the Senator you hope someone will be, you endorse the Senatorial candidate based on his record as it exists.

It was your endorsement. Own it. And do better next time.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Hopefully the paper does better next year, when we face a Senate election, Gubernatorial election and a plethora of House elections.

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