Final Chronicle endorsements

The Houston Chronicle has made its picks in the final four City Council races, as well as for the Constitutional Amendments. All the amendments were endorsed, and the Chronicle backed two incumbents (C.O. Bradford & Jack Christie), as well as made two selections in open seats (Graciana Garces & Rogene Calvert).

First, in this editorial, the Chronicle’s board summarizes the nine constitutional amendment, offering up absolutely no commentary on the matter besides “the Chronicle endorses all nine [amendments].” If you want a little more discussion on the matter, though agree with the editorial line of the Chronicle in this specific instance, I recommend consulting Texpatriate’s endorsements on the amendments (1-5;7-9 and 6). Burnt Orange Report also announced its endorsements in Constitutional amendments yesterday, though it is relevant to mention that they disagreed with both Texpatriate and the Chronicle in opposing Proposition 3 and Proposition 7.

First up, the Chronicle endorsed C.O. Bradford for a third and final term at At-large position #4. The editorial board goes out of its way to compliment Bradford’s recent commitment to changing the City Charter on certain items such as giving At-large Councilmember specific portfolios. He was also lauded for drainage issues, as well as providing an acceptable response on the Chronicle’s pathological obsession with pensions (specifically, “meet and confer”).

Next, in the culmination of Thursday’s “twofer,” the Chronicle endorsed Graciana Garces in District I. The endorsement, like the selection of Bradford, is not especially surprising, as Garces has basically been the frontrunner in this election thus far. What bothered me more was that the Chronicle went out of their way to give a shout-out to Ben Mendez, rather than Robert Gallegos, as the best other candidate in the race. Mendez has a few too many items of poor press for my liking.

The Chronicle then endorsed Rogene Calvert in At-large position #3 today. The Chronicle went out of its way to compliment Calvert’s insider experience at City Hall, much the same way they complimented Garces just the day before. The Chronicle also paid respects to Roland Chavez, who was my individual choice in the race.

Finally, as their last endorsement, the Chronicle selected Jack Christie in At-large position #5. Obviously, I have a conflict of interest in this race (my father is one of the candidates), so I will not be saying much on this selection other than remember who its coming from. I have written a letter to the editor on the topic, which hopefully the Chronicle prints.

Off the Kuff has more on both the Amendments editorial, and the Bradford/Garces twofer. I assume he will write about the Calvert/Christie selection tomorrow morning, at which point I will update to reflect that.

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