Recyling Program expands

The Houston Chronicle reports that the recycling program is expanding, and will be rolled out to 70,000 new residences by Thanksgiving. This is not especially new news. In fact, the City Council set this new program in motion last June, when I had some choice words for the program. Of course, I still do today.

Yesterday’s Chronicle article states “The expansion will bring service to a total 210,000 households – more than half of the residences in the department’s service area.” This isn’t exactly true, it is not how many people are serviced by any type of recycling but rather the single-stream recycling bin. As my June analysis indicated, this recent expansion put large emphasis on upgrading the recycling methods of communities already serviced by bins. The $2.5 Million, at bottom line, only increases the percentage of homes serviced by some type of recycling by 9% (from 54% to 63%). Thousands upon thousands of residences and offices, such as Texpatriate’s in Midtown, would still be without any type of curbside recycling.

Texpatriate has done some research into this issue, and found out that some of the Waste Management recycling plants are operating at half capacity, begging for more input. The City would only have to assume minimal costs to expand recycling Citywide. That is what needs to be done. Instead, Houston is pursuing the asinine idea of “One Bin for All,” which would require more plants to be built.

These are the issues that Ben Hall should have been hammering the Mayor over. Issues such as this one were precisely the reason I was originally excited to see Hall’s entrance into the race. But there will be a White Halloween in Houston before Hall would dare take such a liberal position at this point in the campaign.

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