Democratic candidates

At long last, the Democrats have candidates for both the United States Senate and Lieutenant Governor. Unfortunately, they are not the ideal selections (the “A” team, so to speak) the Democrats were hoping for. Simply put, absent a miracle, the Democrats have surrendered the capacity to run competitive races for 2014 offices. Not win, but run competitively.


The Lieutenant Governor candidate is a woman named Maria Luisa Alvarado. Most famously, Alvarado was the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor in 2006. Experienced in the military but with little actual political experience, Alvarado beat out Ben Grant, an accomplished legislator and jurist, in one of the more lackluster primaries in recent history. She finished with 37% of the vote that year.

Alvarado’s recent press release highlighted upon her shoestring campaign in 2006, where she bragged about spending “pennies per vote” compared to the Chris Bell campaign. Though that had more to do with the Democrats on the top of the ticket, and Alvarado riding the coattails.

The Senate candidate is a lawyer out of El Paso named Maxey Scherr. I met Scherr last night at the JRR Dinner (I just got back to the “People’s Republic of Tundra” {Boston}, by the way) and was impressed by the breadth of her knowledge and commitment to the issues. That being said, I feel that no matter how knowledgeable you are, one is not qualified to run for the second-biggest Senate constituency in the nation without prior electoral experience. Ted Cruz is evidence enough of that.

Neither of these individuals have websites, nor do I expect them to create one in the near future. The sudden emergence of retreads and novices into the political sphere is the most convincing evidence yet that the Democrats will do poorly in 2014. Not as poorly as 2010, but worse than 2012 and 2008.

As I have said before, Wendy Davis’ once-in-a-generation candidacy is useless without a strong slate. Ann Richards had Bullock, Mauro and Sharp. Davis has Kinky Friedman. Nothing more needs to be said.

Brains & Eggs has more.


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