Liar Liar

Back in August, when CNN covered the Mayoral election, Ben Hall brushed off a question about LGBT issues, saying “Anyone who tries to bring that issue into the campaign, I think, mis-serves the city.” Hall was correct in that position, as he was shortly thereafter when he told the Harris County Democratic Party that he supported a comprehensive non-discrimination ordinance for LGBT people.

Now all that’s changed.

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Today, Ben Hall appeared on the KUHF show Houston Matters, and was interviewed by a moderator before taking questions from callers. When a homophobic man called in to announce indignation towards the Mayor for offering protections to transgendered, Hall joined in on the hate by announcing that, in his opinion, it was unacceptable for transgendered people who are “anatomically another gender” to be treated as anything but the anatomical gender. Further, he doubled down on the prejudice by fully opposing a non-discrimination ordinance, calling homosexuality a “lifestyle choice.”

I am hardly as offended by the inconsistencies of the Hall campaign as much as I am appalled by what I just heard him say. His criticisms of an NDO reeked of similarity to Elisa Chan’s. Anyone who calls being gay a “lifestyle choice,” should be ashamed to call himself an open minded individual, much less a Democrat. Apart from many of my fellow bloggers, I still retained a large amount of respect and admiration for Dr Hall. After this, however, it has been wholly eviscerated.

Bay Area Houston and Texas Leftist have more.

2 thoughts on “Liar Liar

  1. What a dirt bag. Hope he loses.

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