Parker’s positive commercial

Annise Parker, after three previous commercials slamming Ben Hall for alleged tax dodging, has release her fourth TV ad today, which incidentally is her first positive commercial. The ad touts Houston’s impressive job record and many of her accomplishments the last 3 1/2 years in office.

“Mayor Annise Parker is building Houston’s future today. Her Hire Houston First policy has helped create more jobs than any city in America. She’s cut millions in waste, and balanced every budget, while putting more police on our streets. More funding for after-school programs, reopening libraries, expanding parks, speeding up street repair and flood protection. Mayor Annise Parker: Making Houston a better place to live and raise a family.”

As Mike Morris at the Houston Chronicle notes, many of these claims are misleading. The City Charter requires a balanced budget, that has almost nothing to do with Parker. Further, her claim of “reopening” libraries is somewhat noteworthy, as she was the one who pushed the library closures in the first place.

The main theme of the ad, however, is that Houston is doing well. “It’s morning in America Houston again.” While most other cities throughout the country are still hurting badly from the recession, Houston has completely recovered and is well on its way towards a boom once again.

Additionally, like I have been saying for over a year now, Parker touts some of the more progressive stances she has taken, as she has shed the label of faux Conservative she tried to snatch two years ago. Whereas in 2011 she claimed the endorsement of the Texas Conservative Review and touted her harsh austerity measures, today’s campaign is much more about social services (and an “F” rating from the TCR).

From what some of her staff is saying, this looks to be the final ad of Parker’s campaign. I’m happy she went out on a high note.


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