Judge Pratt berated by Bar Association

A few days ago, I noted that Denise Pratt, a Family District Court Judge in Harris County, had been accused of corruption. Specifically, the Republican judge has been accused of falsifying important records in order to issue late opinions.

Now, the Houston Chronicle reports that, in a recent evaluation of all Houston-area judges by the Houston Bar Association, Judge Pratt received the lowest marks –by far– of any jurist. In fact, her evaluation has more negative that, as one participant noted, anything he could recall in the last 40 years. Judge Pratt received overall disapproval of 79% of applicants, with 76% saying her “following the law” skills were especially poor and 80% saying likewise about issuing timely rulings. The marks were far lower than many other Judges with similar baggage, including Sharon “Killer” Keller of the Court of Criminal Appeals.

The astute will recall from my article last week on the subject the original controversy was launched by Greg Enos, the Galveston-area attorney who brought down Christopher Dupuy. Speaking of Enos, the Houston Chronicle recently ran a profile on him. As I have said before, he is a high-profile Democrat who runs the influential Family Law newsletter “The Mongoose.”

I must admit that I have not been keeping up with the 2014 Judicial primaries as well as I should, but the Municipal campaigns have been eating up all of my time recently.

Judge Pratt is, in fact running for re-election. Thus far, she has two challengers in the Republican primary: Anthony Magdaleno and Philip Placzek. Magdaleno is pretty conservative, being the former President of Republican Hispanic Citizens in Action. He has been running openly for this seat since the Spring, well before all this controversy. Similarly, Placzek has been running for a few months as well. I’ve heard his name before; he’s a somewhat well-known divorce attorney around town. His big campaign issue so far has been a “Children’s Bill of Rights” in divorce law, making an amicable first impression.

When I was in Houston last weekend, I signed a plethora of campaign petitions for Democratic judicial candidates, though I am unable to recall a single candidate vying for the post. To any well-connected attorneys who read this blog, please point me in the right direction.

Off the Kuff has more.

2 thoughts on “Judge Pratt berated by Bar Association

  1. Sherri Cothrun is running as a Dem.

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