2013 results and analysis

We’re working on trying to abridge the hours and hours of livestreamed Texpatriate election return coverage into about 20 minutes of the top hits. Yesterday, our all-time view record was demolished as thousands of people appeared to come to our website to read up on candidates before they voted. Additionally, Richard Nguyen, the victor in District F, had little impact on the internet besides his interview with Texpatriate.

First and foremost, Mayor Annise Parker was decisively re-elected to a third and final term as Mayor of Houston. She cruised to over 57% of the vote, far outpacing the amount of the vote she received in 2011. Meanwhile, Controller Ronald Green also was re-elected, albeit by a much smaller margin. The only surprises amongst City Council races were in At-large 3 and District F, respectively. Otherwise, most incumbents cruised to re-election.

All nine Statewide propositions passed, as did Harris County Proposition 1 (the joint processing center/jail). The Astrodome referendum, however, did not pass, as the iconic 8th Wonder of the World now looks condemned to demolition.

Annise Parker–57%
Ben Hall–28%
Eric Dick–11%
Victoria Lane–1%
Don Cook–1%

Ronald Green–52%
Bill Frazer–48%

At-large Position #1
Stephen Costello–61%
Griff Griffin–39%

At-large Position #2
David Robinson40%
Andrew Burks–38%
Moe Rivera–16%
Trebor Gordon–6%

At-large Position #3
Michael Kubosh–29%
Roy Morales–18%
Jenifer Pool–17%
Rogene Calvert–16%
Roland Chavez–12%
J. Brad Batteau–9%

At-large Position #4
C.O. Bradford–81%
Issa Dadoush–19%

At-large Position #5
Jack Christie–55%
Carolyn Evans-Shabazz–32%
James Horwitz–13%

District A
Helena Brown–38%
Brenda Stardig–29%
Mike Knox–18%
Amy Peck–8%
Ron Hale–5%

District B
Jerry Davis–59%
Kathy Blueford-Daniels–22%
Kenneth Perkins–11%
James Joseph–8%

District C
Ellen Cohen–100%

District D
Dwight Boykins–43%
Georgia Provost–14%
Assata Richards–11%
Christina Sanders–7%
Travis McGee–6%
Lana Edwards–4%
Anthony Robinson–4%
Demetria Smith–3%
Keith Caldwell–3%
Larry McKinzie–2%
Kirk White–2%
Ivis Johnson–1%

District E
Dave Martin-100%

District F
Richard Nguyen–52%
Al Hoang–48%

District G
Oliver Pennington–83%
Brian Taef–23%

District H
Ed Gonzalez–100%

District I
Graciana Garces–27%
Robert Gallegos–25%
Ben Mendez–25%
Leticia Ablaza–23%

District J
Mike Laster–100%

District K
Larry Green–100%

Harris County Prop 1

Harris County Prop 2

Texas Prop 1

Texas Prop 2

Texas Prop 3

Texas Prop 4

Texas Prop 5

Texas Prop 6

Texas Prop 7

Texas Prop 8

Texas Prop 9

The Texas Tribune has the full story on the constitutional amendments, all of which were approved. Most notably, this included Prop 6, the water funding measure, which has been deemed so very  important for the central region of the State.

The Astrodome result is somewhat depressing, as Texpatriate unanimously recommended a vote to save the dome. As most major media outlets reported, this most likely assures the destruction of the dome. In a slight glimmer of hope, however, Mayor Parker announced this morning that she was hoping for a “private-sector solution.” The chances of that, however, are slim.

In City Council races, the biggest surprise of the evening was two-term City Councilmember Al Hoang being knocked off by Richard Nguyen. The almost nonchalant defeat of an incumbent has put a gigantic nail in the coffin of “Incumbency protection.”

Speaking of incumbents, both Helena Brown and Andrew Burks were drawn into runoffs with challengers, Brenda Stardig and David Robinson, respectively. Without the Mayor’s race at the top of the ticket, these runoffs could spell easy victories for the more conservative candidates.

The three open elections also descended into a runoff: At-large 3, District D and District I. Starting with the latter, many were surprised that the spectacularly well funded Ben Mendez did not make it into the runoff election. However, as Texpatriate has noted before, Mendez lacked any key constituency to propel him to victory. Accordingly, Graciana Garces and Robert Gallegos will advance into the runoff. In District D, Dwight Boykins exceeded expectations as he cruised into a runoff with over 40% of the vote. The second place candidate, Georgia Provost, garnered a mere 14%.

It was At-large Position #3, however, that took the cake for strangeness. While Michael Kubosh finished with a commanding plurality, it was fellow Republican Roy Morales who squeaked by into the runoff, outpacing a close pack of three formidable Democrats. The election exposed some serious problems with the factions emerging in the local Democrats, which could put the kibosh (pun intended) on hopes to retake more County offices next year.

Two members of Texpatriate‘s editorial board endorses Kubosh in the general election, and while I did not, I do have a great deal of respect for him and think he would be an honorable member of the City Council.

Ronald Green proved himself once again as a candidate who gets an astonishing amount of votes per dollar. Green has an air-tight coalition that consists of African-American, LGBT, Labor and Intelligentsia Democrats. Simply put, most everyone who votes Democrat supported Green and will continue to do so. Perhaps it’s just me, but he should think about a run for Mayor.

I will have more on the Mayor’s race, specifically why Ben Hall lost, in later post.

Bay Area Houston, Brains & Eggs (Part I/Part II), Dos Centavos and Off the Kuff (Part I/Part II) have more.

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